Edward MAN

Research Assistant, HKIHSS, HKU | profile link

Edward Man is a Research Assistant at the Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Science (HKIHSS). He is a member of the Asian Religious Connections research cluster and engaged in the “The Infrastructures of Faith: Religious Mobility on the Belt and Road” (BRINFAITH) research project.

Edward holds a MSc in Urban Planning from National Cheng Kung University (2019). His research interests include geographic information science, data mining, socio-spatial dynamics and human mobility. He is currently partaking in the development of web GIS platform, geovisualization, and big data analytics in the BRINFAITH project.

BRI Mapbox: An Online Map Generating Database

The BRI Mapbox illustrates the spatial configuration between infrastructures and religious factors in the BRI region. This work maps out and correlates routes, borders, railroads, pipelines, ports and free trade zones with demographic, economic and geo-political data in both contemporary and retrospective timeframes. These spatial features form a...

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