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BRINFAITH Online Public Lecture Series

Held once a month, the series invites scholars from all around the globe to discuss their research on the interconnections between religion, infrastructure and empire in Afro-Eurasia. Engaging a wide variety of disciplines and topics, the lectures promise to enrich our understanding of how religiosities are transforming in an infrastructurally-connected yet increasingly de-globalizing world defined by great power competition.

International Collaborative Conferences and Events

Antecedents of BRI: Empires, Religions, Material Culture, and Economics of the Silk Road

“Historical Antecedents of #BRI: Empires, Religion, Material Culture, and Economics of the Silk Road” Workshop

Jointly organized by the University of Virginia, University of Hong Kong, December 3–5, 2020

Asian Religion as Method in the Mountains: A Zomian/Himalayan Perspective

Webinar Series on 'Religious Practices in the Himalayan Spaces'

Jointly organised by Salesian College Sonada & Siliguri, Siliguri, India, the University of Hongkong, Hongkong, China and St. Anthony’s College, Shillong, India.

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