Global China in a Religious World BRINFAITH INTERNATIONAL Conference 2023

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BRINFAITH Online Public Lecture Series

Held once a month, the series invites scholars from all around the globe to discuss their research on the interconnections between religion, infrastructure and empire in Afro-Eurasia. Engaging a wide variety of disciplines and topics, the lectures promise to enrich our understanding of how religiosities are transforming in an infrastructurally-connected yet increasingly de-globalizing world defined by great power competition.

International Collaborative Conferences and Events

Antecedents of BRI: Empires, Religions, Material Culture, and Economics of the Silk Road

“Historical Antecedents of #BRI: Empires, Religion, Material Culture, and Economics of the Silk Road” Workshop

Jointly organized by the University of Virginia, University of Hong Kong, December 3–5, 2020

Asian Religion as Method in the Mountains: A Zomian/Himalayan Perspective

Webinar Series on 'Religious Practices in the Himalayan Spaces'

Jointly organised by Salesian College Sonada & Siliguri, Siliguri, India, the University of Hongkong, Hongkong, China and St. Anthony’s College, Shillong, India.

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Bringing local values into the ESG framework in Asia | Green Finance Forum

Bringing local values into the ESG framework in Asia | Green Finance Forum

Date January 16, 2023Time 4:30 pm - 6:30 pmOrganizer BRINFAITH, ASIAR research cluster, HKIHSS, HKU, The Methods Hub, Faculty of Social Sciences, HKU, Hong Kong Financial Services Institute, Hong Kong Green Finance Association, LL.M. Arbitration and Dispute Resolution, Faculty of Law, HKU, Centre for Global Asia, NYU Shanghai, Friends of the Earth (HK), The Hong Kong Independent Non-Executive Director Association, CPA Australia

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