The New Mindscape

Week 1

Human Operating System

We operate our lives using a “mental operating system” or a human operating system — also known as mindset, worldview or culture. Your operating system mediates the relationship between your mind and your body, yourself and other people, and yourself and the world. Society also follows an operating system which provides us the stability and predictability. Nonetheless, the world’s operating system is broken. It defines us by whom we are not, dividing our body, mind and spirit. In this week’s content, you will begin to learn how to unpack your operating system and to take charge of building your operating system.   


Your Mental Operating System 

You were programmed. From the moment that you were born, you learned different expectations, rules, conventions and how to carry out those expectations. These programs that you acquired integrate and construct a mental formatting which is sometimes referred as mindset, worldview, culture, cultural tool kit or integrative schemas. They indeed illustrate a similar construct that we refer it as the Human Operating System. The Operating System enables you to process and manage information that comes to you. It mediates the coordination of everything in life. Nonetheless, the world’s operating system is broken which results in the division of your mind, body and soul. In this video, you will explore the notion of an operating system and the pitfalls of the existing programmes in society. 

What Are You? 

Are you a composite of chemicals or more than that? Some says a person is made of water, protein, lipids and other bodily tissues. They are true but at the same time not entirely true. No doubt that these components are helping you to operate your life, but the organisation of your life does not simply stop there. What is it that we are operating on? This short clip will depict what basis you operate on and what necessarily makes you a person so as to prepare for the discussion on your spirituality. 

What is Spirituality? 

Humans are different from animals. Animality is undeniably a basic component in the makeup of a human, which drives one’s survival and basic needs. But your capacity to think, speculate and reason makes you more than an animal. It is not just a matter of degree and extent. You also own the capability to empathize, imagine ideals, find ways to achieve those ideals and so forth. All these highlights your spirituality, a unique and core feature as a human being. We have been programmed to divide the notion of our mind from body and our spirit from material. Such a division nonetheless hinders us to become whole. Learn more about the capacities of your body, mind and spirit — your animality, your rationality and your spirituality, and how they are connected.  

Society Makes You and You Make Society 

It is common to think that each of us have our own mind, body and spirit and that they exist separately. Indeed, the three interacts not just within ourselves but also with those around us. Our body is associated to our mothers’; our mind thinks by communicating with other minds; and our spirit concerns for other humans’ well-being. Mind, body and spirit do not exist in a vacuum. They do interact with the others’ mind, body and spirit. The social interconnection is also the reason why we are capable of making changes about the society that we live in. Learn more about how body, mind and spirit are social and interconnected, as well as how you also have the potentials to change our society.  

Rebuilding Your Operating System 

Our operating system is sick. It is defective in a way that defines us by whom we are not. We are trapped in the consumer-producer relationships; referred to binary identities; and judged by numbers. Those do not represent the genuine self and what we value. A broken Operating System underscores the wrong information and relationships that negatively impacts our actions. A broken system has divided us against ourselves, others and our world. It stirs up disharmony, hatred and fear. Shall we rebuild a better one? If so, how? The answer lies in how you approach and make connection with the world. The video will guide you to reflect on the flaws in the existing operating system and inspire you to create an operating system that speaks to you. 

Religious Operating Systems 

The core of any operating systems often relates to religion and its ideologies. Religion guides people to think and act in certain way, as if an operating system mediates the coordination of your thoughts and actions. Religious operating taps in strong powers in society and people. This video will give you a preliminary exploration of the power of religion and provide reflective questions for you to ponder your connection with religion. This topic will be further discussed in the latter series of our video/second half of our course.  

How to Take this Course 

You have two ways of taking our course and the decision is up to you. You can treat it as a development of your intellect. You will learn some concepts and apply them in daily life context. To step up further, you also question existing ideas, find discrepancies, make critiques and propose insights. Alternatively, you can treat this course as a more far-reaching and transformative experience, something more than intellectual development. You can start a journey of training your body, mind and spirit through spiritual freedom, self-knowledge, and clearing your vision. Ready for embark this spiritual journey?