The New Mindscape

Week 2

Spiritual Imagination

Each of our mind is a landscape and we are its gardener. To take care of the mindscape, you need to know what exists in the landscape and how they operate. Objects of consciousness, which include your thoughts, perceptions and feelings, make up our mindscape. Our interpretation will determine what energy these objects of consciousness generate for our mindscape. Thus, it is important for you to channel as much as positive energy to your mindscape by utilizing the power of thoughts and power of faith to connect your body, mind and spirit. This week’s content will present you with the fundamental concept of objects of consciousness and discuss how you can activate the imaginative and faithful power to build and change your mindscape. 


Objects of Consciousness

The most important component to build our mindscape is called the object of consciousness which literally means all the things that come into your mind. But how is that related to our mindscape? The object of consciousness could be your thoughts, perceptions, feelings, memories and much more. It is affecting every dimension of your mind and body and even take control of it. This video will explain the object of consciousness with lively examples and unfold its relation to our mindscape.

The Mindscape

Our mind is constantly in operation as ideas flow in and out of our mind. The stream of consciousness is coined by the philosopher and psychologist Willian James. Some ideas or memories are more stable while some fade away. Some object of consciousness, thoughts and concerns occupied more space or centre role in our mind than the other ideas. These ideas and concerns are the objects of consciousness of which our mindscape is made up, just like the things you look at in a landscape. What will happen if the mindscape is not taken good care of? How can we be a gardener of our mindscape? This video will allow you to explore more about the relations between object of consciousness and building our mindscape.

The Power of your Thoughts

The feelings we developed might go back and forth and release a synergy. Objects of consciousness are charged differently and give off different qualities that affect our course of actions in life. But how the energy is channelled and interpreted depends on the individual, not the thoughts or memories per se. So, we create and empower the objects of consciousness, the components in the mindscape. This video will let you reflect how you attach to the constant flow of ideas, and how you can potentially manage the landscape of your mind.

Playing in your Mindscape

We can never be in full control of your consciousness, so play a game with your own thoughts. It all starts with detaching your consciousness from its objects, where meta-cognition, aka thinking of thinking, comes into play. But there are more steps we can do. We need to fill our minds with positive energy because your mental state determines how the energy is charged. The energy that you give off will affect what things or people are attracted to. Learn more about your power, the steps that you can take to play with your thoughts and how to give positive power to your thoughts, yourself and people around you.


The key to play with our thoughts is in our imagination. Imagination is not merely a kind of creativity or illusion; it is the power of our spirit. There are different types of imagination that we can deploy as you go along the course of life. Some might help you turn mind projection to physical reality; some starts off with vague ideas that eventually grows into something innovative; or some just comes to you like a flash of inspiration. It is pivotal to know how imagination operates as it influences what you do and even change your life. This video will bring you into the world of imagination and see how different imaginations operate and take place concurrently.

Imagining your Future

Have you ever imagined your future? We might think about what kind of person we want to be in 10 years and we make plans. Indeed, planning turns imagination into reality. Objects of consciousness is the product of our imagination. If we make good use of the imagination power, it changes the objects of consciousness and our mindscape. It will provide us with the right energy that empowers and incentives us. But it goes back to the step of detachment when the energy from our imagination is wrong or has served its purpose. Take practice and exercise the power of your imagination with this video to create objects of consciousness that are empowering and motivating in your mindscape.


The power of faith is another important power alongside our thoughts and imagination. None of the goals are figments of your imagination. The belief that you can achieve the goals and implement the plans stems from the power of faith. Faith empowers your goal and you to change the reality. What can give you faith? It could be from personal experiences, companions, mentors, and role models who are either real or imaginary. Again, the thought of these people with positive influence implant in your mindscape and gives you the positive power to act and achieve your goals, but it can also go reverse. Learn more about how you can enhance faith and the positive energies in your mindscape and how to let the thoughts of these figures empower you all the time.

Faith in Spiritual Growth

How is faith related to our body, mind and spirit? Your gain faith from the training of your body, the words from others, your environment, improvement and reflection which all these helped you develop your confidence and ability (body and mind). But spiritual growth is a bit more complicated given its abstract existence. Some religious communities look up to mythical figures or divine exemplars apart from those around them. For most people, spiritual path in religion concerns the belief in God. But religion has a more delicate and sophisticated relations with faith building, companionship, moral guidance and spiritual growth. This video will dive deeper into how spiritual growth might be enhanced in the power of religion with or without adhering to a religious identity.